Enterprises in FranceEdition 2017

This new edition of Enterprises in France in the Insee Références collection provides a complete structural overview of our productive system.

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Paru le : 07/11/2017

After 3 years of stagnation, upturn in the rate of margin in 2015

Hervé Bacheré

In 2015, the value added in mainly commercial non-agricultural and non-financial sectors amounted to 1,000 billion euros, that is 50% of the value added by the whole of the French economy. After several years of low growth, the value added increased by 2.4% and the margin rate recovered strongly (+ 1.1 points), supported by several measures aimed at reducing labour costs and increasing business competitiveness. In fact, social contributions grew less quickly than salaries, thanks to the rise in the tax credit for competitiveness and employment and the establishment of the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact. In industry, transport and warehousing, property and personal services, the margin rate was at a higher level than in 2010. In 2015, investment grew strongly (+3.5%), although the investment rate continued to stagnate, due to the simultaneous rise in value added. The improvement in company activity in 2015 stimulated the creation of new businesses: in 2016 they were at their most numerous for six years, while business failures were at their lowest since 2009.

Insee Références
Paru le : 16/11/2017