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22 juillet 2010
N° 2010-189

In July, households are equally pessimistic about the economic situationMonthly consumer confidence survey - July 2010

In July 2010, the consumer confidence indicator remains low (s.a. data).

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No 189
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In July 2010, the consumer confidence indicator remains low (s.a. data).

Components of the confidence indicator

National outlooks no longer slightly improve

In July, households appreciation of their past financial situation loses 2 points (–28 after –26 points in June). Their appreciation of their future financial situation is stable, so is their opinion on the timeliness to make major purchases.

However, outlooks on the future general economic situation, which has been decreasing since the beginning of the year, gains 2 points. Households’ opinion on the past general economic situation is stable at a very low level.

Graph1_englishSummary consumer confidence indicator

Other opinion balances

Future unemployment: fears remain

In July, households fear of unemployment is steadily high. After rocketting from 8 to 89 points between January 2008 and June 2009, this balance has decreased until last October. It is now stable around 65 points, which is quite larger than its long term average (33 points).

Inflation’s appreciation: almost stable

In July, households report that past inflation has slightly increased (+2 points with respect to June). However, the expected inflation balance of opinion loses 1 point.

Households feel like saving but have difficulties doing so

Households’ opinion about their current financial situation slightly decreases (–1 point) but remains higher than its long term value.

Households also believe that their savings capacity in the next 12 months deteriorates (–3 points) while their opinion on the timeliness for savings markedly increases (+8 points).

english_tempoConsumer opinion

Balance of responses, seasonally ajusted
Consumer opinion
Average* April May June July
Summary indicator –19 –37 –38 –39 –39
Financial situation, past 12 months –17 –26 –25 –26 –28
Financial situation, next 12 months –1 –16 –19 –20 –20
General economic situation, past 12 months –40 –69 –68 –71 –71
General economic situation, next 12 months –21 –47 –53 –54 –52
Major purchases intentions, next 12 months –13 –26 –24 –24 –24
  • * average value since 1987

chomage_enHouseholds' unemployment expectations

prix_enHouseholds' perception of prices


Methodology (pdf, 64 Ko)

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