The recovery spreads through the EurozoneConjoncture in France - June 2015

Vladimir Passeron, Laurent Clavel, Jocelyn Boussard et Elodie Lalande

General outlook : The recovery spreads through the Eurozone

After a first quarter of 2015 overall disappointing in the advanced economies and in the emergent ones, economic activity is likely to regain momentum in the advanced contries. The recovery should spread through the Eurozone in particular, where growth should stand at +1.4%, after +0.9% in 2014. In France, the business climate in France has improved since the beginning of the year and corporate investment is set to accelerate in H2 2015. Household consumption, which should remain relatively sustained, would thus no longer be the sole driver of recovery. Over the year 2015 on average, GDP should increased by 1.2%, the highest rise since 2011. The acceleration in activity combined with policies to foster the creation of jobs by that growth should boost employment, and unemployment should level out in H2 2015.

Conjoncture in France
Paru le : 18/06/2015