Associations survey 2014

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Présentation statistique

Statistical concepts and definitions

Two questionnaires were implemented depending on whether the association employed or did not employ workers in 2013: the one intended for employing associations is more detailed (5 pages) than the one for non-employing associations (2 pages). All questions for non-employing associations are present in the questionnaire for employing associations. The main topics of the survey are :

Human Resources: employees, volunteers, ...;

Financial Resources: donations, contributions, sponsorship, public grants ...;

Field of activity: cultural, sports, health or social ...;

Organization and Intervention radius, ...;

The questionnaire for employing associations also contains a section on expenditure: wages and ... another on recent developments in their situation and any difficulties they may have encountered for their activities in the last three years.

Statistical unit

Association governed by the Law of 1901 and equivalent

Statistical population

Time coverage