Environmental protection studies and investments (survey of) / ANTIPOL

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Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

Insee. Direction des statistiques d'entreprises (DSE)

Type d'opération :


Objectifs :

The aim of the survey is to update knowledge of the total cost and type of studies, investments (every year) and current expenditure (every three years) for environmental protection.
This expenditure may be carried out upon the establishment's initiative or in order to comply with the legislation in force.

Thèmes abordés :

The themes focus on investments (hardware entirely dedicated to environmental protection, purchases of production facilities more efficient in terms of environmental issues...), studies (regulatory or investment-related) and current expenditure (collected every 3 years), destined for environmental protection.
This expenditure is allocated according to the areas concerned:
- Waste water
- Air protection
- Limiting greenhouse gas emissions
- Wastes
- Noises and vibrations
- Soils; ground and surface water
- Sites, landscapes and biodiversity
- Other fields.

Champ de l'opération

Champ géographique :

Metropolitan France and overseas departments

Champ(s) statistique(s) couvert(s) :

The survey covers the establishments of 20 or more employees, with NAF rev.2 code belonging to sections B, C, D. Moreover, from the 2012 campaign Antipol the sector coverage is extended to divisions 38 and 39 of Section E (waste management and remediation activities) that will be interviewed at legal unit level (LU from 20 employees).
The sample is of the order of 11 000 units, including 300 legal units for the waste management sector and 10 700 establishments for the rest of the industry (divided in 8700 on the field off IAA and sawmills 2 000 on the IAA and sawmills field).

Caractéristiques techniques

Unité statistique enquêtée :

Establishment for sections B, C and D

Legal unit for divisions 38 and 39

Périodicité de l'opération :

Annual. Current expenditures are collected every 3 years since 2004.

Période et mode de collecte :

Internet with the possibility of using postal means upon demand. The collection takes place on the third and fourth quarter of the year n +1.

Historique :

The survey of Environmental protection studies and investments in the industry is carried out by the official statistical service from the base year 1991. In 1996 was built a module on current expenditure on environment protection, it was taken every 3 years since 2004.
Limited until 2005 to establishments belonging to the most polluting sectors, its scope was later expanded to all manufacturing sectors, production and distribution of electricity, gas, water vapor, air conditioning and mining.

Plan de sondage :

The frame is the statistical directory of companies (SIRUS).
 The sampling method is stratification by industry, unit size and location (since the reference year 2014). The allocations are optimized on the amounts of research and investment in previous surveys (Neyman allocation). They are completeness beyond a certain threshold.

Méthodologie :

For industry out of waste management, the observed and surveyed unit is the establishment, in fact, is the closest to the expense and better located unit.
Regarding the waste management sector, the observed and surveyed unit is the legal unit. Indeed, preliminary tests for the survey have shown that for this sector the information was available at entreprise level.Since the observation year 2009, the survey is conducted by internet (a paper questionnaire can be sent on request). More than 80% of the surveyed establishments do respond.
For more information: see methodological note Antipol on the INSEE website (under "sources and methods")

Autres spécifications :

The survey meets the EU regulation concerning structural business statistics (EC No 251/2009) of 11 March 2009, request to provide the environmental protection expenditure by environmental domain, by activity and size of business.

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