Survey on retail and market services networks 2024 

Retail networks survey 2024

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The data collected are mainly the location of stores organized in a brand network and the form of organization that links the establishment to the head of the network: subsidiary or branch if the store is not financially independent, franchise, cooperative group, commission-affiliation, concession, brand license, rental-management or other form of contract.

Classification system

  • Food products and commercial handicraft (47.2 group, 47.11 class and 10.13B, 10.71B, 10.71C, 10.71D subclasses from French classification)
  • Personal goods in specialized market (47.7 group without 47.76 et 47.79 classes, 47.78B,47.78C subclasses)
  • Household good stores (47.4 to 47.6 groups, 47.19 class).
  • Vehicule repair (45 division).
  • Vehicule related services (71.20A 77.11A 77.11B et 85.53Z subclasses)

Sector coverage

Total retail trade and motor services.

Statistical concepts and definitions

A brand network is a set of points of sale that have common characteristics (sale of the same products, offer of the same services) by affixing the brand's logo on their window and which are coordinated by the same company, the "network head". The main information collected about the members of the network are : brand name, link, a fourteen-figure identification number and mailing address.

Statistical unit

The statistical unit is the retail network.

Statistical population

This survey is carried out among every network heads (legal units) on all of their outlets.