Victimisation survey - living environment and security 2018

Paru le : Paru le 31/05/2023

Présentation statistique

Statistical concepts and definitions

- Act(s) of destruction or damage to property (housing and vehicles): burglaries, thefts or attempted thefts, violence etc.
- Personal theft(s) or attempted personal theft(s), physical violence, threats and insults;
- Opinions on living environment and the feeling of insecurity, whether the respondent was exposed to problems related to drugs, alcohol or other trafficking;
- Consequences of victimisation: filing of complaints, declaration(s) to the authorities, psychological damage, adopting of new forms of behaviour, etc.

Statistical population

So-called "ordinary" households, i.e. excluding households living in collective households (hostels, prisons, hospitals, etc.) and living in mobile accommodation (boatmen, the homeless, etc.)

An individual aged 14 or over (on January 1 of the survey year) is selected from each household (Kish individual). In order to be able to respond to self-administrated questionnaire, the Kish individual must be 18 or over on the day of the survey and aged less than 75 on January 1 of the survey year.