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Révision des données

Data revision - policy

The same revision policy is applied to STS data published at national level and transmitted to Eurostat.

All revisions are taken into account (routine revisions, major revisions, unscheduled revisions).

Routine revisions are mainly due - for raw data - to late respondents.

The really late data replace the old forecasts. For the SA-WDA data, there is also the new calculation of the SA-WDA coefficients. These revisions are taken into account monthly.

There is no revision calendar.

Data revision - practice and A6. Data revision - average size for U

A paragraph dedicated to revisions of variations is published in the << Informations Rapides >>publication.

Warnings are published in the national publication << Informations Rapides >> and on the web site when the revisions are major (after rebasing or change of methodology).

Raw data are definitive twenty four months after the first release.

Mean revision (MR) and mean absolute revision (MAR) are given in the table below for the global indice. They are calculated for year-on-year growth rates for calendar adjusted data of the last 3 full years.

• MR= 0.13

• MAR= 0.43