Services Production index (base 2015)

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Gestion de la qualité

Quality assurance

Since 2005, the European Statistics Code of Practice has been the reference for assessing the quality of the output of national statistical institutes. Periodic reviews by European peers are organised to ensure that the principles of this reference framework are implemented and to ensure that each institute is committed to continuous improvement. Within this framework, INSEE has adopted a process-based approach. A range of tools, pooled within the Official Statistical Service (SSP), has been created to describe statistical production processes, analyse their strengths and weaknesses, assess the risks involved, examine their documentation (metadata) or assess a particular stage (analysis of users' needs, data validation, etc.). The diagnoses resulting from these << quality approaches >> lead to the establishment of action plans that are regularly monitored in the context of << process reviews >>. In addition, INSEE regularly conducts satisfaction surveys on the indicators and data it produces. The results of these surveys are available on the website.

Quality assessment

Eurostat's requirements are fulfilled and the variables used to caculate the indices are accurate and of good quality.