Various indices for Previous Construction Bases (stopped)

Paru le : Paru le 21/09/2020

Documentation on methodology

The other indices are cost indices of the various activities in the construction and landscape architecture sectors listed under 6 items according to an approach towards analytical accounting: “cost of labour” now called “wages and charges”, “materials”, “equipment”, “energy”, “transport”, “miscellaneous costs”, similar to the “KLEMST” approach used by productivity economists (K = capital for “equipment”, L = labour for “labour”, E = energy for “energy”, M = materials for “materials”, S = services for “miscellaneous costs”, T = transport for “transport”).

The items are calculated according to a Lowe's aggregation-chaining technique. The index level of the item in the previous month is multiplied by the weighted mean of the variations in prices of the basic indices composing  the item.

(For further details, see also methodological note)