Various indices for Previous Construction Bases (stopped)

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The indices concerning road transport, various overheads, landscape architecture, engineering and road marking are cost indices of the various activities in the construction sector, mainly used for the indexing of contracts. These indices are used in the calculation of the Building and Public Works indices but can be used individually or combined.

These indices (in French only), up until January 2014 covering the distribution of the indices of October 2013, were published and calculated by the Department for the economy, evaluation and integration of sustainable development of the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. Decree No. 2014-114 of February 7, 2014 on the national building index for all trades and the circular of February 21 from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, NOR EFIS 1404646 C, transferred that responsibility to INSEE. As from February 2014, as far as the distribution of indices of November 2013 are concerned, the general methodology, the weightings and the period of reference have been kept, but the basic indices have all been chosen from among the indices drawn up by the public statistics authority for calculation of variations.