France, social portrait Edition 2017

France, Social Portrait is for everyone who would like to learn more about French society. This cross-cutting publication in the “Insee Références” collection throws the spotlight on people, neither rich nor poor, but located in the middle of the scale of standards of living in France, and often little studied. Around forty themed information sheets summarise the main data and provide European comparisons, to complete this social panorama. More information is available only in French on the French pages of the website.

Insee Références
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France, portrait social- November 2017


While studies on poor people, the well-off and the evolution of the disparities between these two groups are regularly conducted, people at the middle of the standard of living scale, whether higher up or lower down, poor or well-off, are less often the subject of detailed analysis. This year, the clarifications in France: A Portrait of Society aim to give a detailed outline of this group at the middle of the standard of living scale. This “median” group assembles people whose standard of living, defined as household disposable income (after taxes and other national contributions) over the size of the household (measured in units of consumption), is close to the median standard of living of the whole population, that being the threshold that divides it into two equal parts.

Insee Références

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