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Using the national accounts, French Economy – Accounts and Reports presents a summary of economic developments in France and worldwide, and analyses during the past year.

As every year, the French economy - Accounts and Records summarizes the essential movements affecting the French and global economies during the past year.

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Paru le : 05/09/2017

Household income, consumption and savings per broad category between 2011 and 2015

Jérôme Accardo, Sylvain Billot, Maël-Luc Buron

Surveys of households enable us to enrich our description of their income and consumption, and to study disparities between different types of households, looking beyond the mean values calculated for the national accounts. This focus presents a breakdown of the households account for the year 2011 according to standard of living, age, socio-professional category of the reference person and composition of the household. The disposable income of the 20% wealthiest households is almost four times higher than that of the 20% most modest households. Differences in consumption are smaller, with the result that the savings ratio increases with the standard of living.

The breakdown of the account consists in distributing each component of income or consumption between the categories of household. For a fixed distribution, the annual change in these components affects each category differently. Simulated by nowcasting over the period 2012-2015, this effect is large: it reduces the gaps between standard of living quintiles quite significantly over the beginning of the period (2011-2013), then to a lesser extent thereafter.

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Paru le : 27/11/2017