Municipality Inventory

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Town halls are surveyed in order to complete the municipality inventory. It is an inventory of commercial facilities and services to the population across the territory of the municipality.

It provides information on settlement density, population density and use of facilities. Maps can also be produced pinpointing centres of attraction and customer catchment areas.

The municipality inventory is particularly useful in rural areas and in small and medium-sized conurbations as it provides an overview of life in the municipalities and their infrastructure and also the behaviour of the majority of the inhabitants when a particular facility does not exist.

The main objectives are:
- to update certain information about French municipalities;
- to gain better knowledge of the living environment at local level by compiling an inventory of shops, services and facilities frequented by individuals;
- to measure the settlement density of these facilities and the proximity of access to services;
- for villages and small towns, to produce a map of the attraction generated when certain facilities are used.

The municipality inventory took place for the first time in 1970, then in 1980, 1988 and 1998.

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