Labour force activity and employment conditions surveys 


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Présentation statistique

Statistical concepts and definitions

About the establishment:

- Total workforce;

- Part-time workforce;

- Workforce with fixed-term contracts;

- Gross payroll in the course of the quarter;

- Number of hours overtime and workforce concerned;

- Extra hours.

About working hours:

- Collective working week;

- Number of annual contractual working days for the employees whose work quantity is counted in days (namely "au forfait jours"), and number of employees in this situation.

About remuneration for the most representative posts:

- Basic gross monthly wage;

- Basic monthly working hours.

Statistical population

From January 2009, the survey covers the main activities defined by APE codes 05 to 82 and 85 to 96 of NAF rev. 2 (excl. public hospitals, non-market education and social action governed by the law of 1901, i.e. the non-agricultural market sector).

Until the last quarter of 2008, the survey covered the main activities defined by divisions 10 to 74 and 80 to 93 of NAF rev. 1, i.e. the private and semi-public sector excluding agriculture, domestic services to individuals, public administrations, hospitals, non-market education and social action governed by the law of 1901.