Defence Supplier Companies Directory 


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Présentation statistique

Data description

DSCR lists all purchases made by companies supplying the Ministry of the Armed Forces that fall within the scope of departmental purchases defined by the EOD.
The main characteristics used to describe supplier companies are their number and the amount of the department's purchases by business category.
Since the DSCR allows for the regionalization of suppliers, the concepts of number of companies, amount of purchases and "regional jobs" are also used.

Classification system

Defence supplier companies are studied according to their INSEE category : microenterprises (micro), small and medium-sized enterprises (MSE), mid-sized companies (MSC), large companies (LC).

Sector coverage

Companies included in the NAF rev2 are included  except  "agriculture" and "financial services and insurance" which are excluded from the scope of the DSCR.

Statistical concepts and definitions

The concepts used to calculate the number of companies, the amounts, their regionalization and regional employment are described in the following note:

Statistical unit

The selected entity is the smallest combination of legal units that constitutes an organizational unit for the production of goods and services enjoying a certain autonomy of decision (enterprise), supplier of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Statistical population

DSCR lists all the supplier companies of the Ministry of the Armed Forces that are part of the scope of ministerial purchases defined by the EOD:

Time coverage

From 2012 onwards