Innovative skills survey 


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The aim of the survey is to measure the innovation capacity of the companies in the industry based in France. To this end, it measures the rate of adoption of 73 "good practices", which are factors for the success of innovation. She calls them skills.

Companies state whether they innovate and then, for each of the 73 competencies, specify their practices (skill practiced, practised using specific procedures, practised with the help of third parties).

The survey identifies four types of innovation, which are associated with ISO 9000 certification:
-technological product innovation;
- technological process innovation;
- innovation in aesthetics and design;
- purely commercial innovation;
- ISO 9000 certification.

It groups skills into nine skill areas:
- inserting innovation into the company's overall strategy;
- monitor, forecast and act on market developments;
- develop innovations;
- organizing and directing the production of knowledge;
- appropriate external technologies;
- managing and defending intellectual property;
- managing human resources from an innovation perspective;
- financing innovation;
- sell innovation.

First survey developing this theme.


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