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Producer cost indices 

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In application of the Decree 2014-114 of 7th February 2014 and the circular of 16th May 2014 (BOAC 60 September-October 2014), the project management of the national Building indices (BT),  Civil Engineering indices (TP) and various indices for construction has been transferred to INSEE. The “new base (2010)” of building indices (BT), civil engineering indices (TP) and various indices for construction was announced in the Official Journal of December 2th, 2014 and published on January 16th, 2015 in reference 2010 from January 2010 to October 2014. The change in base means a change in reference (average 2010 = 100), but also an update of the weights and methodological conventions.
These indices are used for updates and revisions to construction contracts prices. 

The statistical index "Producer cost index in 41.2: Construction of buildings" is now the leading reference cost indicator for macroeconomic issues, in replacement of the old BT01 index. With two of its cost items, it composes the French response to the European regulation on short-term statistics (EC Regulation "STS" No 1165/98 of the Council of 19th May 1998, as amended by Regulation EC No. 1158/2005 Council of 6th July 2005) for the variables 320 "construction costs" 321 "material costs" and 322 "labour costs" in Appendix B "Construction".

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Costs, construction

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Metropolitan France and overseas departments 

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The table in the field "Documentation" provides the weights of the different building indices by KLEMST cost item.

It was not possible to conduct a direct approach for the costs index "all trades" BT01 and BT50, so their weights were therefore estimated as a weighted average of the specialized indices' weights. The weights used for this purpose, presented in the first two columns of the table above are from the source ESANE managed by INSEE, by  sub-classes of activity, using information from ESA built on the relative share of work in the sector of new buildings (for BT01) and for existing buildings (for the BT50). Specialized index weighting is realised according to subclass of activity and consistency with corresponding BT indices available above (but there is no source on the relative weight of BT indices within a subclass of activity). However, the renovation projects are more labour-intensive and less materials intensive, and specialized indices are estimated from the new buildings indices, with a transfer of 15 points between the materials and the labour cost items.

Caractéristiques techniques

Unité statistique enquêtée :

The BT index does not give rise to a new survey, but uses existing public statistics, including those from the survey Prices in the industry and services (OPISE) to form the elementary indices.
Conceptually, the observation unit on its costs is a branch or sub-branch of activity of French construction companies or construction related companies. 

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Historique :

In application of the Decree 2014-114 of 7th  February 2014 and the circular of 16th May 2014 (BOAC 60 September-October 2014 the project management of the national index Building, Public Works and various construction index is transferred to INSEE. 

Méthodologie :

The building (BT) indices are cost indices for different  construction activity, apprehended from 6 positions in a cost accounting approach  : "labour costs" once called "salaries and expenses", "materials" , "material", "energy", "transport", "miscellaneous expenses", similar to the productivity economists' approach called "KLEMS" (K = capital for "equipment", L = “Labour” ," E = "energy", M = "materials", S = “Services” for miscellaneous expenses). The structure and weights of the building (BT) indices have been reviewed on the occasion of the  change in base and reference 2010.
BT indices are chained Laspeyres indices at all levels (of elementary indices from public statistics to cost items, from cost items to BT indices). 

(See also methodological note)

Autres spécifications :

The BT indices are released during the third month following the month under review, on the site of the Macro-economic database (BDM) in the theme "Prices and price indices" under "Construction producer price and costs indices " / "Indices of production costs in construction (contract escalation)."
It is also published in the Official Journal.