File on Central Civil Servants

Dernière mise à jour le : 07/08/2013

Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

Insee. Direction des statistiques démographiques et sociales (DSDS)

Type d'opération :

Creation of a statistical file using a variety of administrative sources

Objectifs :

-Knowledge of the workforce, the nature of the work and remunerations;

-Use of this statistical file, for the creation of "annual employment estimates".

Thèmes abordés :

- Employees, their descriptions and the nature of the work;

- Remunerations and their components.

Champ de l'opération

Champ géographique :

Metropolitan France, French Overseas Departments (DOM) and French civil servants posted abroad.

Champ(s) statistique(s) couvert(s) :

Civil servants belonging to the Central Civil Service in the broad sense of the term (including certain Public Industrial and Commercial Institutions (EPIC).

Caractéristiques techniques

Périodicité de l'opération :


Méthodologie :

Several sources are used to create this information system :

-Data originating from the General Directorate for Public Finances (DGFiP) for civil servants (excluding military personnel) of ministries and employees of certain public establishments;

-This information base is supplemented by the "Annual Declarations of Social Data" (DADS);

-Data concerning military personnel whose pay is managed by the Ministry for Defence.

Autres spécifications :

When gaps in the data are revealed by comparing all of these sources with the results of previous years, why the missing information is replaced by data for the same civil servants (or their predecessors) in the last post of employment in which they were actually surveyed.

Their remunerations are also updated, based on the general salary increases and the variations in payroll taxes that may have occurred between the two dates.

Estimates have been provided for civil servants in the COMs each year since 2000.

In addition, by comparing all of the data for one year with the complete database for the previous year, it becomes possible, if necessary, to gather information which was previously impossible to obtain (e.g. status, salary index, specific job description, municipality in which the job is based).

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