Tourism demand survey 2021 


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Présentation statistique

Data description

The main themes addressed monthly by the tourism demand survey are:

  • the number of departures and non-departures on tourist trips;
  • the number of trips, overnight stays, tourist round trips;
  • the characteristics of the trips, notably the reason (personal or professional), the destination, the mode of accommodation, the mode of transport;
  • the expenditures associated with these tourist trips.

An annual module also addresses non-participation in tourism for personal reasons and allows estimation of annual departure rates.

Sector coverage

National tourism: domestic tourism and outbound tourism (trips made by residents of the reporting country).

Statistical concepts and definitions

The concepts used in the SDT survey are in line with the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), which defines tourism as follows: "tourism comprises activities undertaken by people during their travels and stays in places outside their usual environment for a consecutive period not exceeding one year, for leisure, business and other purposes".

Statistical unit


Statistical population

Individuals aged 15 and over, resident in metropolitan France and living in ordinary housing.

Time coverage

every month