Quaterly business outlook survey in the building trades 2019

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The main subjects are:
- the activity: past and future activity, at a whole level, but also by kind of work and by type of clientele (public, private). The business managers are also surveyed on the general perspectives of the sector;
- the investment;
- the employment: evolution in the staff size, in the last three months  and expected in the next three months. The business managers are also surveyed on the recruitment problems;
- the cash position.
Mostly, the questions are qualitative, with three choices. The results are balances of opinion calculated as the difference between the percentage of << up (+) >> and the percentage of << down (-) >>.

Sector coverage

The survey covers the sectors defined by the following codes of the French Nomenclature of Activities (NAF rev. 2):
- construction of residential and non-residential buildings (code 41.2);
- electrical, plumbing and other installation work (code 43.2);
-finishing work (code 43.3);
- other specialized construction work (code 43.9).

Statistical unit

The unit interviewed is the company.

Statistical population

The quaterly business outlook survey in the building trades covers companies working on the construction of individual houses and miscellaneous buildings, general building work, roofing, framing, fitting and finishing work.

Time coverage

Some data have been available since 1990.