Monthly survey in the retail trade and in the trade and repair of motor vehicles 2019

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The opinion  of retailers on their recent activity and business prospects is tracked by monitoring sales volumes and related variables such as stocks, order intentions, changes in workforce and price trends.

Entrepreneurs also provide an opinion on their cash flow and payment deadlines.

Mostly, the questions are qualitative, with three choices. The results are balances of opinion calculated as the difference between the percentage of << up (+) >> and the percentage of << down (-) >>.

Sector coverage

The survey covers the retail trade and automobile trading and repairs, excluding local food and specialised retailers, retail sales of flowers and pets, retail trade in used goods and out-of-store retail trade (except for the mail-order sector which is included in the scope of the survey).

More precisely, the survey covers the sectors defined in the following NAF Rev. 2 codes: division 45, 47.1 (except 47.11A, 47.11B, 47.11C), 47.3, 47.4, 47.5, 47.6, 47.7 (except 47.76Z), 47.91A, 47.91B.

Statistical concepts and definitions

The composite business climate indicator describes the common component of the selected balances of opinion on general business outlook, ordering intentions, recent sales, past and expected workforce, expected selling prices, stocks.

Statistical unit

The unit interviewed is the company.

Time coverage

Some data have been available since 1964.