Access to finance for the Small and Medium-sized enterprises employing at least 10 persons 2010

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Présentation statistique

Statistical concepts and definitions

The main characteristics are:
- the relevance of the ownership situation for access to finance;
- the degree and success rates of all attempts to obtain various sorts of financing;
- the extent of guarantees for business loans;
- the perception by the owner / manager of the cost and burden to obtain business loans;
- the importance of the choice of financial institution (geographic proximity, prior client status etc.);
- the perceived need for future financing and its forms.

Statistical population

In terms of business activities, the scope of the survey is included in the non-financial enterprises. Activities to be covered are sections B to N of the NACE rév.2 except the section K (financial enterprises).

The scope is enterprises with 10 to 249 persons employed in 2005, which have at least 10 persons in 2010.