Adult education survey 2016 

AES 2016

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The AES aims to measure the participation in education and training. The following informations are available from the survey:
- participation in formal training, non-formal training and informal learning ;
- characteristics of the training activities (level, field, duration...) ;
- reasons for participating ;
- obstacles to participation ;
- access to information on training possibilities ;
- financing and costs of training.

Statistical concepts and definitions

In addition to all the information regarding the participation in education and training and the characteristics of the learning activities undertaken, AES 2016 includes a module (specific to the French survey) to assess people's knowledge and use of both their rights for getting access to training and the ways to access training. It also describes the context in which the training took place (which can be through their work), the balance between training and work as well as the benefits of doing training (current and expected benefits). The survey also includes other types of learning activities that are less structured than education and training but are still undertaken in order to increase their knowledge.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

Persons aged 18 to 64, living in private households.

Time coverage

The questions refer to the situation at the interview date or during the 12 months preceding the interview.