Annual survey on industrial energy consumption 2014 

EACEI 2014

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Présentation statistique

Statistical concepts and definitions

The topics covered by this survey are the observation of industrial energy consumption by volume, by value and by use.
During the questioning stage an energy typology was used which was compatible with international definitions.
Topics covered are :
- fuel consumption;
- total energy consumption;
- self-production;
- electricity purchase and consumption;
- purchase, storage and consumption of energy products by industrial unit;
- value of purchases, average purchase price and distribution of fuel consumption by use;
- distribution of electricity consumption by use.

Statistical population

The scope of the survey conducted by INSEE in 2016 is :
Establishments operators located in France (including overseas), with 20 employees or more, whose main activity is industrial (including recovery), excluding commercial crafts and excluding a part of energy industry. In code NAF rev. 2 this corresponds to: 07, 08, 09.9, 38.3 and 10 to 33 (except commercial crafts: 10.13B, 10.71B, 10.71C, 10.71D, manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products : 19.10Z, 19.20Z, enrichment, reprocessing and processing of nuclear fuel : 20.13A, 24.46 Z).
From 2013, the scope was restricted to establishments with 20 or more employees in all sectors. Previously establishments with 10 employees at least were interviewed: agrifood industries until 2011 and 2011Z sector until 2012.