Annual survey on industrial energy consumption 2015 

EACEI 2015

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The series include quantities consumed by type of energy, related costs, and the breakdown by use of each energy, as well as contextual data on the surveyed establishments. See file "Description des données EACEI 2015".

Classification system

Activity (NACE rev.2 divisions)
07-Mining of metal ores
08-Other mining and quarring
09-Mining support service activity
10-Manufacture of food products
11-Manufacturing of beverages
12-Manufacture of tobacco products
13-Manufacture of textiles
14-Manufacture of wearing apparel
15-Manufacture of leather and related products
16-Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture ; manufacture of articles of straw and painting materials
17-Manufacture of paper and paperproduct
18-Printing and reproduction of recorded media
19-Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum produtcs
20-Manufacture of chemical products
21-Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
22-Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
23-Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
24-Manufacture of basic metals
25-Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
26-Manufacturing of computer, electronic and optical products
27-Manufacture of electrical equipment
28-Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
29-Manufacture of motor vehicles, trallers and semi-trallers
30-Manufacture of other transport equipment
31-Manufacture of furniture
32-Other manufacturing
33-Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
38-Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities ; materials recovery

Number of employees
less than 50 employees
50 to 99 employees
100 to 249 employees
250 to 499 employees
500 employees and more

24-Centre-Val de Loire
44-Grand Est
52-Pays de la Loire
93-Paca et Corse
97-Départements d'outre-mer ENSEMBLE

Sector coverage

Establishments belong to sections B and C (division 05 to 33), to group 383 (recovery), excluding: subclasses 1013B, 1071B, 1071C, 1071D (commercial crafts), 2013A and 2446Z; excluding divisions 05, 06 and 19; excluding group 091.

Statistical concepts and definitions

The theme addressed is the different energies used by the establishments, in terms of purchases (volume, value) and use by the establishment. The main energies observed are:

  • electricity;
  • steam;
  • natural gas; other gases;
  • coal, lignite, lean coal, coal coke, petroleum coke, butane, propane;
  • heavy fuel oil, heating oil and other petroleum products;
  • black liquor, wood.

Statistical unit

The interrogation unit is the establishment, identified by its SIRET number.

Statistical population

The population is composed of establishments with 20 or more employees, with at least 4 months of activity in 2015, and main activity code ('APET) corresponding to sections B and C (division 05 to 33), to group 383 (materials recovery),
excluding: subclasses: 1013B, 1071B, 1071C, 1071D (commercial crafts), 2013A and 2446Z ;
excluding divisions 05, 06 and 19;
outside group 091.

About 14,000 establishments were surveyed, including an extra-sample specific to 2015.

Time coverage

Year 2015