Labour cost index 


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Traitement statistique

Source data

The data needed to calculate this index is collected from:

  • the short-term data of the URSSAF Caisse nationale, relating to the wage bill, employee numbers and social charge exemptions. Note: for the flash estimate at T+45 days, the wage bill is obtained by using data from the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN) in advance;

  • the Nominative Social Declarations (DSN) data for the hourly volume of work, since the first quarter of 2020. Previously, it was calculated from the quarterly surveys on labour activity and employment conditions (ACEMO) conducted by DARES (statistical service of the Ministry of Labour). The (paid) hours measured in the DSN better reflect variations in the volume of work than those previously obtained from the ACEMO surveys, which only recorded collective working hours and excluded individual variations such as overtime or partial activity;

  • the labour cost component of the Labour Cost Survey (LCS) to measure certain costs associated with the employment of employees, over and above wages and employer contributions (e.g. payroll tax).

Frequency of data collection


Survey unit

Local unit (of an enterprise)