Building authorisations and building starts

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- For dwelling:

To provide detailed concerning building permits and building starts.

A distinction is made between dwellings in multi-dwelling buildings (i.e. blocks of flats) and single-family homes.

The figures also distinguish new construction (i.e. construction of entirely new buildings) and construction on existing structures (for example, existing buildings being extended rebuilt, or converted to another use).

Another key distinction is that between ordinary dwellings and community dwellings. Community dwellings, such as halls of residence, nursing or retirement homes, prisons, etc. provide individual services alongside lodging to their residents such as catering or nursing. Homes or hotels that have only rooms and common services (and not individual services) are not classified into community dwellings but into non residential buildings.

-For non-residential building:

To provide detailed concerning building permits and building starts.

They are specified in surface area per sector (hotel accommodation, offices, business, craft industry, industry, farm or forestry activity, warehouse, service public or community interest, etc.).

The category "public services or community interest" includes the following categories:

transportation, education and research, social services, health, special infrastructure, culture and recreational activities.

Cancellations (by administrative decision or voluntary) are surveyed for dwellings (in number) and for premises (in surface area).