Current international cooperation


Dernière mise à jour le :13/09/2021


Current international cooperation (D74) includes all transfers in cash or in kind between general government and governments or international organisations in the rest of the world, except investment grants and other capital transfers.

Current international cooperation (D74) includes:

(a) Transfers between governments that are used by the recipients to finance current expenditures, including emergency aid after natural disasters; they include transfers in kind in the form of food, clothing, blankets, medicines, etc.;

(b) Annual or other regular contributions paid by member governments to international organizations (excluding taxes payable to supranational organizations);

(c) Payments by governments or international organizations to other governments to cover the salaries of those technical assistance staff who are resident in the country in which they are working and are employed by the host government.

Current international cooperation includes transfers between general government and international organisations located in the country, as international organisations are not treated as resident institutional units of the countries in which they are located.