Public-sector SIRENE


Dernière mise à jour le :04/12/2019


The Siren unit is called an agency when it comes under the non-market sector. Normally, it therefore covers corporate bodies such as the State, territorial authorities and public institutions.

Nevertheless, some of the State institutions and some of services, although devoid of any legal status, are identified as agencies when they benefit from a "quasi legal status". Such is the case of the constitutional authorities, the independent administrative authorities, the ministries, the central government divisions and the outside services, whether or not they are territorialised.

The establishment-type Siret unit corresponds either to a distinct geographic location where a business is operated or to a geographic location for which there is an ancillary budget. That means that, unlike the private sector, several Siret numbers may exist at the same address for one and the same Siret number.


It was in 1983 that the mission for registration with the directory was extended to the public sector.