Employment (according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) definition)


Dernière mise à jour le :26/06/2023


A person in employment as defined by the International Labour Office (ILO) is a person aged 15 or over who has done at least one hour's paid work in a given week, or who is absent from work for certain reasons (annual leave, sickness, maternity, etc.) and for a certain period of time.

All forms of employment are covered (employees, self-employed, family helpers), whether the employment is declared or not.

People who declare that they have a job from which they are absent are classified as being in employment if they are absent on paid leave, sickness, maternity/paternity leave, parental leave of 3 months or less, or with a compensatory income linked to the activity, such as Prepare, reorganisation of working hours, training authorised by the employer, off-season period as part of a seasonal activity in the case of regular work as part of this seasonal activity, short-time working (or technical or bad weather), other reason for absence lasting 3 months or less.