Pan-African Statistics Programme II - Developing economic and business statistics in African national statistical offices (ECOBUSAF)

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 13/03/2024


Project coordinator and Co-Partners

Coordinator : France (Insee)

Co-Partners : Denmark (Danmarks Statistik), Spain (INE), Finland (Tilastokeskus), Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå)

Start date : 28/02/2022 - End date : 26/02/2026


The overall objective of the ECOBUSAF project is to strengthen the African statistical system and to ensure the quality of data used in monitoring societal progress in order to support policy-making in these countries.

Specific objectives :

  • Further develop statistical capacity in the area of national accounts, using the ERETES IT tool, which is widely used in Africa to produce quality data in a timely manner, in accordance with international standards (SCN2008 and in the near future SCN2025).
  • Improving harmonization and strengthening the development of statistical business registers (SBRs), by building capacities linked to SBRs and administrative data sources for the creation and maintenance of a business register, and the introduction of the new IT solution for a generic statistical business register, STATBUS.

Distribution of work

The work is organised on two work packages (WP):
WP 1: National accounts
WP 2: Statistical business registers

INSEE is coordinating the project and implementing the evaluation phase WP1, with the support of INE (Spain), and WP2.

The activities have been defined in such a way as to target all the countries of the African Union according to their level of development in national accounts.

INSEE will implement the following activities :

  • Supporting the deployment of the SCN2008 (for countries that are not yet SCN2008 compliant)
  • Widening the coverage for countries that have already switched to SCN2008 (back-casting, balance sheets and financial accounts, satellite accounts)
  • Implementing ERETES tool for the compilation of national accounts
  • Developing the version 2.0 of the ERETES tool (improvement of existing functionalities, introduction of new modules and new functionalities for back-casting, semi-automatic balancing of EREs and financial accounts)
  • Supporting the experiments in the framework of the preparation of the SCN2025
  • Supporting the exploration of new data sources for national accounting purposes and organisation of a hackathon (joint activity with the SOCSTAF grant)