Papers related to the 10th conference - Association de Comptabilité Nationale

Paris the 21, 22 and 23 of January 2004

INSEE and official statistics
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Session 1: Corporate value

Chairperson: Michèle Debonneuil

  • Theoretical approach of corporate value

Laurent Batsch (Université Paris IX-Dauphine - France)

  • Group approach of corporate value

Raoul Depoutot (INSEE)

  • Equipment life and profitability

Claude Picart (INSEE)

  • Corporate value approach in France and in the USA

Olivier Passet (CGP)

Session 2: Corporate value

Chairperson: Brian Newson

  • Valuation of firms in practice

Franck Ceddaha (ABM-AMRO Corporate finance France)

Abstract (pdf, 34 Ko)

  • National accounting and evolution of international accounting standards

André Vanoli (ACN)

  • Accounting standards, corporate value and intangible assets

Jean-Paul Milot (Direction de la réforme budgétaire)

  • Statistical knowledge of intangibles

Magali Demotes-Mainard (INSEE - France)

Text (pdf, 117 Ko)

Special informations

  • Updating SNA93: the process and issues

Charles Aspden (OCDE)

Text (pdf, 195 Ko)

Presentation (pdf, 226 Ko)

Session 3: GDP, GNE, GNI - Composite measures and trade-offs

Chairperson: Maryvonne Lemaire

  • Sources of data and methods of reconciling them in the national accounts of the EU countries

Brian Newson (Eurostat)

Text (pdf, 134 Ko)

  • The role of income measures in producing a single estimate of UK GDP

Robin Lynch, Graham Jenkinson, Alwin Pritchard (ONS-UK)

Text (pdf, 229 Ko)

  • Consistency and beyond: improving quality of national accounts estimates in practice

Henk Nijmeijer, Leo Hiemstra (CBS-NL)

Text (pdf, 63 Ko)

  • Business statistics integration to build French national accounts: in view of 2000 basis

François Magnien (INSEE)

Text (pdf, 79 Ko)

  • The holy trinity : how to reconcile domestic product , national income and national expenditure in real terms

Utz-Peter Reich (Fachhochschule Mainz)

Text (pdf, 179 Ko)

Session 4: Measuring social performance

Chairperson: Annie Fouquet

  • New estimates of the index of economic well-being for selected OECD countries

Andrew Sharpe, Lars Osberg (Center for the Study of Living Standards)

Abstract (pdf, 61 Ko)

Text (pdf, 200 Ko)

  • Social policies a the european level: steps with indicators

Robert Salais (ENS - Cachan)

  • The social wealth concept, critical analysis

Sophie Ponthieux (INSEE)

Abstract (pdf, 66 Ko)

Text (pdf, 217 Ko)

  • Performances measurement in the field of education

Marc Beudaert (INSEE)

Abstract (pdf, 36 Ko)

  • Performances measurement in the field of health

Dominique Baubeau, Céline Pereira (Drees)

  • Life expectancies to build summarized indicators

Olivier Marchand (INSEE)

Session 5: Environmental accounts

Chairperson: Sylvie Faucheux

  • What is new in the SEEA 2000

Anne Harrison (OECD)

Abstract (pdf, 9 Ko)

Text (pdf, 48 Ko)

Presentation (pdf, 109 Ko)

  • French works related to damage estimations: a synthesis

Myriam Touaty and Gérard Gié (Planistat)

Abstract (pdf, 87 Ko)

  • Typology of "Environmentally adjusted" national sustainability indicators

Martin O'Connor (Université de Versailles)

Text (pdf, 888 Ko)

  • Sustainable development indicators and national accounts

Christian Ravets (Eurostat)

Text (pdf, 209 Ko)

  • Natural ressources: integration and measurements

Tarek Harchaoui (Statistics Canada)

Abstract (pdf, 54 Ko)