Law n° 46-854 of 27 April 1946

INSEE and official statistics
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Adopted by the constituent National Assembly, The President of the provisional Government of the Republic passed the following act :

Art. 32. - At the Ministry of the National Economy, the national institute of statistics and economic studies for France and its overseas territories is created.

This institute will group together the departments of statistics, economic studies and documentation of the Ministry of the National Economy, which will be enumerated by a public administration regulation.

Art. 33. - The capacities of the national institute and the means of coordination to be achieved in the areas of statistics, tabulation, documentation and studies relating to economic problems will be set by decrees in the form of public administration regulation.

Decrees countersigned by the Minister of the National Economy and the Minister of Finance will be able to proceed to the opening or annulment of credit lines resulting from the creation of the national institute. They will also be able to suppress any posts that are no longer required after reorganising the studies, documentation and statistics departments. The dismissal of staff whose posts are to be suppressed will be dealt with according to the conditions stipulated by the Law of 15 February 1946.