Insee Focus · June 2024 · n° 329
Insee FocusIn 2023, a third of Internet users felt at least one negative effect of screens

Valentin Guilloton (Insee)

In 2023, 34% of Internet users aged between 15 and 74 reported at least one negative effect of using screens in their daily lives, outside of study or work time. Younger people were particularly concerned: 57% of under-20s and 49% of 20- to 34-year-olds.

By a large margin, the most common negative effect was reduced sleep time (25%), followed by neglect of other leisure activities (10%) and feelings of obsession with screens (9%). In addition, 5% of Internet users reported having conflicts with family and close friends because of their use of screens, and 4% felt depressed because of their screens.

Nevertheless, around a third of those questioned were aware of the negative effects of using screens and tried to limit their screen time; 7% failed to achieve this goal.

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