Demographic balance sheet 2023

Detailed figures
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- January 2024

The demographic report contains:
- The population of France estimated on January 1st. of each year (since 1946 for metropolitan France and since 1982 for France);
- The evolution of demographic events (births, deaths, marriages, etc.);
- The main demographic indicators (fertility, mortality, etc.).


Data are available in two fields: "Metropolitan France" and "France". The islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, formerly included in the island of Guadeloupe, have changed their administrative status since 15 July 2007 and have become overseas collectivities. Since then, they became out of the "France" field. To prevent a field break in the series, they have been excluded from the "France" field for all years broadcast. The island of Mayotte, which has become an overseas department, is included in the "France" field since 2014. Data concerning Mayotte are not included in the "France" field for previous years.

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