Insee Première · July 2023 · n° 1959
Insee PremièreIn 2022, prices in the Paris region exceeded provincial prices by 7%

Caroline Boucly, Karine Dufour, Martin Monziols, Clotilde Sarron (Insee)

In 2022, the prices of goods and services consumed in France exceeded the European average by 6%. These prices were however not uniform across the French territory. In 2022, prices in the Paris region were on average 7% higher than those in the provinces (i.e.the rest of metropolitan France excluding Corsica) and 5% higher on a more restricted scope of study, excluding rents. About a third of price differences between the Paris region and the provinces were therefore due to the cost of rents, 40% higher for inhabitants of the Paris region. The cost of land and wage levels partly explain why prices were higher in the Paris region than in the provinces, particularly in the service sector. Food, where prices were 7% higher in the Paris region, was a major contributor to the price difference. In Corsica, prices were 7% higher than in the rest of the provinces (excluding rents), i.e. a greater difference than between the Paris region and the provinces excluding rents. These comparisons were based on a method that takes into account the differences in average consumer baskets between the various regions.

Insee Première
No 1959
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