Insee Focus · November 2022 · n° 279
Insee Focus37.6 million dwellings in France on January 1, 2022

Camille Freppel (Insee)

On January 1, 2022, housing stock in France excluding Mayotte, stood at 37.6 million housing units. In Metropolitan France, 82% of dwellings were main residences and 55% were one-family dwellings. Since 2007, the growth of housing stock slowed down slightly. In addition, the proportion of main residences slightly decreased, in favour of vacant dwellings and second homes and, since 2010, of occasional dwellings. 16% of all main residences were located in Paris urban unit, while 37% of second homes or occasional dwellings were outside urban units. The proportion of home-owners increased until 2010 and remained stable around 58% since then. Housing stock grew more quickly in the overseas territories than in Metropolitan France, +2.4% on average per year since 1982, compared to +1.1% in Metropolitan France.

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