Summer 2017 tourist seasonVisitor numbers bouncing back, after the 2016 slump

Jean-Claude Gidrol, pôle Tourisme, Insee

In mainland France, summer use of collective tourist housing increased by 6.1% in 2017, after a 2.9% drop in 2016. Tourist activity by residents increased markedly (+5.8%, after the -0.8% posted in summer 2016), while those of non-residents is just barely returning to summer 2015 levels (+6.7%, after -7.0%). The rebound was particularly high in the urban areas, especially in the Greater Paris Region (+12.7%). Overnight stays exceeded 2015 levels in all regions, with the noteworthy exception of the Greater Paris Region and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

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Paru le : 23/11/2017