Social transfers paid to households: effects differing by territory

Luc Brière, Marina Robin, division Statistiques régionales et locales, Insee

Inequalities in standard of living vary from territory to territory. Excluding social benefits and taxes, the disparities between regions, as reflected by the gap between high and low incomes, would be much greater. For instance, in 2014, social benefits and taxes did more to mitigate inequalities in the regions most affected by poverty, in particular in the north of the country and along the Mediterranean coast, as well as in the Greater Paris Region, where the inequalities are reinforced primarily by the wealthier households. Moreover, unemployment benefits made a larger contribution to available income in the North and South. Retirement benefits made the greatest contribution in the centre of France, where older populations are more strongly represented.

Insee Focus N° 97
No 97
Paru le : 06/11/2017