Advanced estimation of the poverty rate and of inequality indicatorsExperimental results for 2016

Kevin Schmitt et Michaël Sicsic, division Études sociales, Insee

Every year in September, Insee publishes the poverty rate and the main indicators of living standard inequality for the penultimate year. Thus, in September 2017, it published the indicators for 2015. For the past two years, Insee has also published — in the autumn of year N+1 — an advanced estimation for year N, using an experimental method based on microsimulation. When applied to 2014 and 2015, this method produced estimations similar to the actual figures published the following year. For 2016, it indicates a slight fall in the poverty rate (-0.3 points) and in inequality, as measured by the Gini index (–0.002) and the decile ratio (–0.1). The poverty rate is expected to reach 13.9% of the population.

Insee Focus N° 96
No 96
Paru le : 17/10/2017