Wages in the private sectorIn 2015, the average net wage increases by 1.1% in constant euros

Emmanuel Berger, Odran Bonnet, Eva Julia et Tony Vuillemin, département de l’Emploi et des revenus d’activité, Insee

In 2015, the monthly full-time equivalent (FTE) wage of a private sector worker is, on average, €2,250 net of tax. It has risen by 1.1% in constant euros (after +0.5% in 2014), against a backdrop of moderate economic growth and almost zero inflation. It has risen for every socio-professional category, and especially for managers (+1.2%) and blue-collar workers (+1.1%).

The increase in the number of workers on subsidised contracts mitigates the rise in average net wages in 2015: Excluding subsidised and professionalisation contracts, the average net wage rises by 1.3%. The change in the structure of the workforce, especially the upward trend in worker qualifications and experience, accounts for almost half of the increase in the average net wage. Furthermore, a worker in 2015 earns on average 0.7% more than a worker in 2014 of the same age, gender, socio-professional category, employment status (full or part time), and sector. Wage disparities increase in the upper half of the scale. Excluding subsidised and professionalisation contracts, net full-time equivalent pay is 18.4% lower on average for women than for men; 9.3% if the sector, age, socio-professional category, company size and employment status are taken into consideration.

The average net wage of those who remain with the same employer from one year to the next (slightly more than one in two private sector employees) increases by 2.8% in constant euros. This results mainly from career progression and increasing seniority in this group, where open-ended contracts, men and full-time employees are over-represented.

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