Retail trade outletsOne tenth of stores generate two thirds of turnover

Julien Kfoury et Corentin Trevien, division Commerce, Insee

At the start of 2015, there are 340,000 outlets in France. 295,000 were in operation throughout 2014, and belong to an enterprise engaged in retail trade. On average, in 2014, these active outlets generate turnover of €1.1 million, employ five people, and have a floor area of 250 m². Over a period of five years, total retail space increases by 9%. At the same time, turnover (in value terms) increases by 13%. With regards to the trend in prices, however, the volume of business per square metre is reported to be falling.

Moreover, the retail sector is highly concentrated: One tenth of stores generate two thirds of turnover. Large-scale food retailing accounts for 41% of total turnover. The specialised food and commercial crafts sectors, which account for a quarter of retail outlets, have the highest number of workers in proportion to turnover.

Slightly more than a quarter of outlets belong to retail chains, which generate over two thirds of total turnover.

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