Wages in the state civil serviceIn 2015, the average net wage across all civil statuses increases by 0.4% in constant euros

Julie Goussen, division Salaires et revenus d’activité, Insee, Natacha Gualbert, département des études, des statistiques et des systèmes d’information, DGAFP

In 2015, a state civil service employee receives on average a net monthly wage of €2,495 in full-time equivalent; this average figure takes into account all civil service employees in the ministries and public institutions, whether they are civil servants or not. Between 2014 and 2015, the average net wage rises by 0.4 % in constant euros. Half of this increase can be explained by changes in job qualifications in the state civil service. Moreover, in 2015, an employee earns on average 0.2% more than an employee at the same grade and level in 2014. The average net wage of state civil servants rises by 0.3%, due to the increase in the average wage of category C workers following revisions of their grading scale. It increases less than that of non-civil servants (+0.5%). The average net wage in the ministries is €2,544, i.e. +0.3% compared with 2014; it amounts to €2,343 in the administrative public institutions (+0.8%), due to the large number of category C workers in these institutions.

Wage disparities in the state civil service rise very slightly in 2015. Women's take-home pay is, on average, 14.4% lower than that of men, but the gap narrows to 3.2% between men and women of the same age, grade, category and status.

In 2014 and 2015, employees working all year for the same employer, with the same work quota — i.e. almost two out of three employees in the state civil service — see their average net wage increase by 1.8% in constant euros. This reflects their increasing seniority and their career progression.

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