Agriculture in 2016

Guillaume Lubatti, Hélène Casset-Hervio et Didier Reynaud, division Industrie et agriculture, Insee

In 2016, the value of agricultural production decreases substantially: Volumes fall and, at the same time, prices drop.

The value of crop production falls sharply (-8.7%), due to the decline in volumes (-8.9%). On the other hand, the drop in livestock production (-4.3% in value) can be explained primarily by falling prices (-3.4%). At the same time, farmers’ costs decrease in all the main areas of expenditure. However, the fall in costs is not enough to offset that in production. Consequently, the value added of the agricultural sector declines considerably. Furthermore, agricultural employment continues to fall. Overall, gross value added at factor cost per worker decreases by 8.4% in real terms.

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No 1656
Paru le : 06/07/2017