Civil service employment in 2015Employment slowed in the three branches of the civil service and stabilised, apart from assisted contracts

Nathalie Donzeau, division Exploitation des fichiers administratifs, Insee, Jonathan Duval, département des Études statistiques (DGAFP)

On 31 December 2015, 5.6 million employees worked in the French civil service. These numbers were more or less stable compared with 2014 (+0.1%) and this was the case in all three civil service branches. With the rise in the number of assisted contracts, the change in the volume of work in the hospital civil service and the local civil service was more buoyant than the change in workforce. Although employment in the State civil service remained virtually stable, workforce numbers varied greatly in the different ministries and public establishments.

Women are already in the majority in the civil service, but their numbers are increasing still further.

In 2014, numbers entering the civil service greatly exceeded the numbers leaving, although the number of new arrivals decreased in 2015. This decline, combined with a rise in the numbers leaving, balanced out the incoming and outgoing employees in the workforce and employment was stabilised.

There were fewer temporary interruptions in activity and short-term posts in all three civil services compared with the previous year.

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