Enterprises created in 2010More sustainable than those created in 2006, and affected by the crisis

Jocelyn Béziau, pôle national Démographie des entreprises et des établissements, et Nicolas Bignon, division Infrastructures et répertoire statistiques, Insee

Of the 138,000 enterprises registered in H1 2010, excluding the auto-entrepreneur scheme, 60% were still active after five years, or 8 percentage points more than for the 2006 cohort. This difference can be explained in part by a larger proportion of new incorporated enterprises in 2010, which are more sustainable than unincorporated enterprises, and by a more favourable economic climate than for the 2006 generation.

Although legal status is paramount for an enterprise to be sustainable, the size of the sector of activity is still important. In the education, human health and social action sector, 75% of projects that were started were still active five years later and the figure was 71% in financial activities and insurance. Durability remained lower in trade (52%) and construction (55%). It tended to be higher, the greater the amount invested in the enterprise creation. Similarly, it continues to grow as the enterprise creator gains professional experience.

Growth in such sustainable units generated more than 56,000 jobs over five years, while the disappearance of non-sustainable enterprises did away with almost 76,000. All in all, the level of jobs after five years stood at 91% of the total for enterprises created in 2010.

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