236,300 marriages celebrated in France in 2015, of which 33,800 were mixed marriages

Vanessa Bellamy, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

In 2015, 236,300 marriages were celebrated in France, of which 33,800 were between a French national and a person of foreign nationality: 14% of marriages celebrated in France in 2015 were therefore mixed marriages. In one in every two cases, the marriage was between a foreign man and a French woman. One in ten mixed marriages is a remarriage for both partners.

In 2015, 46,300 marriages celebrated abroad were transcribed into the French civil status register. Most of these (91%) united a person of French nationality and a foreign person. Irrespective of the place the marriage was celebrated, 27% of marriages involving at least one person of French nationality in 2015 were therefore mixed marriages.

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