Born in France to an immigrant parentA diverse population that reflects the history of migratory flows

Chantal Brutel, cellule Statistiques et études sur l’immigration, Insee

In 2015, 7.3 million people born in France had at least one immigrant parent, or 11% of the population. The origin of the descendants of immigrants reflects the immigration flows that France has experienced for over a century. Overall, the descendants of immigrants are younger than the resident population in France as a whole; this is notably the case for those of African origin. Half of the descendants of immigrants have only one immigrant parent. When both parents are immigrants, they are almost always from the same country. Between the ages of 18 and 24, the descendants of immigrants leave the family home later than other young people. This is especially the case for those with two immigrant parents: the undoubling behaviour of young people born to mixed couples is closer to that of the population as a whole. Two thirds of the descendants of immigrants aged 25 or over and living in a couple have chosen a partner with no direct link with immigration. The geographic location of descendants is similar to that for immigrants, although a little less concentrated in the Paris urban unit.

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