Setting off in the morning, by bicycle...

Frédéric Tallet, division Méthodes et traitements des recensements, Vincent Vallès, pôle Recensement de la population, Insee

In 2015, 2% of the occupied labour force travelled to work by bicycle. This mode of transport is used far less than the car (by far the predominant mode), public transport or walking, but is on a par with motorised two-wheelers. Enthusiasts travel several kilometres between their home and their place of work. They tend to live in the city centres of large urban clusters, therefore it is in the most urbanised departments that this mode of transport is used most. The use of bicycles for commuting varies little according to age, unlike other methods of travel. Women cycle to work less frequently than men, and they use public transport more. Managers and higher education graduates use this mode of transport more than other workers. Foreign Europeans living in France retain very similar habits to those in their country of origin.

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Paru le : 17/01/2017